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Cost of the War in Iraq
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Support our troops - Get them out of there - Bring them home.

Click here for The Center For Public Integrity database of the 935 Lies of the Bush administration officials that led us into War.

From The Mike Malloy Program 01/24/08.   

Investigate - Impeach - Indict - Imprison.

"In my lifetime we've gone from Eisenhower to George W. Bush. If this is evolution, I believe within twelve years we'll be voting for plants."
- Lewis Black

If we detain people without hearings, wiretap our own citizens, and torture people on mere suspicions, the terrorists have won, because we have given up everything our country has stood for.

Um ... Looks like we have given up everything our country has stood for.


In the Kingdom of Tonga

Hey Mike,

I first read about the "Y2K millennium bug" in 1990. Back in the dinosaur days of computers, memory was limited, so programmers reduced the four digits to denote the year to two digits. The year 2000 was a long way off, and the assumption was that everything would be replaced or upgraded long before the turn of the century. Most were but many "legacy" systems were still in operation throughout the world that were vulnerable to the Y2K problem. At midnight on New Years Eve 1999, all computer systems would rollover from 99 to 00. Some wouldn't know whether it was the year 2000 or 1900, and that would cause … problems.

Here are some cases of Y2K problems found during simulated tests.

In New York, elevators froze. The elevator software believed that the elevators had not been maintained for 99 years so they shut down.

In Texas, all the cell doors in a state prison unlocked at the simulated time of midnight on 12/31/99.

Boeing reported that 750 of its airplanes were found to have Y2K problems, with more than 50 planes impacted to the point where they would not be able to fly.

Police dispatch systems, credit card systems, 911 systems, and oil pipeline pumping systems also went awry during testing with simulated Y2K dates.

With almost 10 years left for programmers to fix the problem … I promptly forgot all about it. Then one night, 8 years later, I was listening to Art Bell. That night's topic wasn't The Face On Mars or Mel's Hole. A guy named Gary North was frantically talking about Y2K. With less than two years to go … the problem wasn't even close to being solved. Everything was at risk. Banks, the railroads, our water supply, food distribution, communication systems, and most importantly … the power grid of the United States. Without computers we would be thrust overnight back to 1957. Without electricity … we'd find ourselves in 1857.

Gary North wrote, "The Y2K crisis is systemic. It cannot possibly be fixed. I think it will wipe out every national government in the West. Not just modify them-destroy them."

He predicted that Y2K would result in 1.5 billion deaths worldwide. He said the worst place you can find yourself on New Year's Eve 1999 is in a city … so get out now while you can. It was going to be The End Of The World As We Know It. That's why he was known as "Scary" Gary North.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies held a forum in Washington, D.C., in June 1998 called The Y2K crisis: a global ticking time bomb? Here's what some of the panelists had to say:

Senator Robert Bennett said, "… I don't know whether this will be a bump in the road - that's the most optimistic assessment of what we've got, a fairly serious bump in the road - or whether this will, in fact, trigger a major worldwide recession with absolutely devastating economic consequences."

Edward Yardeni, Chief Economist and Managing Director, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, "Could it be six months of major disruptions to our computer systems? Absolutely. Could it be an entire year? Absolutely. Even if we fix everything in our country, even if we all together get alarmed about it and get the message out and make this the top priority that it needs to be ... even if we did that, the rest of the world would still be in trouble."

Peter de Jager, creator of the Year 2000 Information Center said, "If today were December 31, 1999, and our systems were in the current state they are in today, tomorrow our economy worldwide would stop. It wouldn't grind to a halt; it would snap to a halt. You would not have dial tone tomorrow. If tomorrow were January 1, 2000. You would not have air travel. You would not have Federal Express. You would not have the Postal Service. You would not have water. You would not have power - because the systems [would be] broken."

It was starting to look like Scary Gary had some company.

Throughout 1998 and 1999 my wife and I continued to read about the Y2K problem. We were more than a little interested because sometime in the first week of January 2000 … our baby was going to be born.

For Y2K the American Red Cross suggested everyone be prepared for the possibility of some disruption. Fill up your gas tank, have a good supply of cash on hand if the banks go down, and stock up on cooking fuel, nonperishable food, and water.

No one in my family believed anything would happen. We were the only ones making any preparations for the possibility that something might happen. They made fun of us because we had a well stocked pantry, a couple of drums of water, and some extra propane tanks for the outdoor grill.

There were some serious crazies out there who didn't know the difference between possibility and probability. They were ready for the werewolves to boil out of the cities and ravage the countryside. I though it would be neat to have one of those wind-up radios in case the power went out. I was pulling out my wallet to buy one when the salesman told me the Anti-Christ was alive … Right Now … and living in Indianapolis. That was a deal breaker for me so I ordered one from The Internet instead.

On New Year's Eve we watched CNN as natives of the South Pacific island of Tonga sang a welcoming hymn as the Millennium made its debut along the international dateline. New Zealand, Australia, and Japan all made it to the new year without a problem. By the time midnight arrived at our house, the lights stayed on, so we turned them off and went to bed. A few days later our son was born and for us… it really was The End Of The World As We Knew It. It was better.

There had never been a fixed deadline in the history of computers. Y2K had a deadline and it cost 600 billion dollars to fix it.

There isn't deadline to "fix" Peak Oil, Peak Water, Peak Population, and Global Climate Change. There are only tipping points we'll not know if we've reached them … until we've passed them. And the solutions are not going to cost a measly 600 billion dollars. Our civilization is going to have to completely change how we do just about … everything. For every day "our leaders" don't talk about these things … the landing's going to be harder than it has to be. And right now it looks like it's going to be a crash landing for everybody.

If they're not going to talk about it … we have to. This time it's The End Of The World As We Know Itfor real.

If we're lucky … I mean really lucky … maybe ... just maybe ... we'll end up living as well as they do in the kingdom of Tonga.



-- Looking For News? --

My Favorite(?) Excerpt

The discrepancy between the kind of society many Germans thought they were building and the reality of the horror of the Third Reich presents one of the most intriguing questions of our age. How could Fascism -- have happened in a modern, industrialized, educated nation?

Click here for the excerpt from They Thought They Were Free, The Germans, 1938-45 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1955) by Milton Mayer

Books I Give To People I Know and Maybe They'll Still Talk To Me
But Probably Won't

Deep Green Resistance - Strategy to Save the Planet
Aric McBay, Lierre Keith, and Derrick Jensen

For years, Derrick Jensen has asked his audiences, “Do you think this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of life?” No one ever says yes.

Deep Green Resistance starts where the environmental movement leaves off: industrial civilization is incompatible with life. Technology can’t fix it, and shopping—no matter how green—won’t stop it. To save this planet, we need a serious resistance movement that can bring down the industrial economy. Deep Green Resistance evaluates strategic options for resistance, from nonviolence to guerrilla warfare, and the conditions required for those options to be successful.

Clicking on the book links to Deep Green Resistance website.

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
by Vincent Bugliosi

"I hope that at some time in the near future a courageous U.S. attorney general, U.S. attorney, state attorney general, or district attorney in America who is committed to the rule of law and who has dedicated his career to enforcing the law fairly against all who, big or small, violate it, will hear the cries for justice from the graves of the thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children who had their lives violently cut short because of the lies of a man who smiled through it all. And that, with a sense of uncompromising righteousness, he will take the ample case I have laid out in this book before an American jury to let them decide whether George W Bush is guilty or not guilty of murder, and if so, what his punishment should be.

Even if this doesn't happen and what I have said in this book receives all the attention of a new fly in the forest, I do know that someone had to say what is written on the pages of this book."

From The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder by Vincent Bugliosi, page 168.

Clicking on the book links to the book's website.

Vincent Bugliosi testifying before the House Judiciary
Committee of the U.S. Congress.

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America
by Russ Baker

How did Bush happen? How did George W. Bush, of all people, rise to the most powerful position in the world? This simple question sparked a five-year investigative odyssey by Russ Baker. What he found will force us to rethink virtually everything we thought we knew about the Bush family and its role in shaping recent American history.

In FAMILY OF SECRETS, Baker reveals that Bush, the people around him, and his policies are but an extreme, very public manifestation of what his family and its circle have always been about: an interlocking web of covert and overt machinations on behalf of a small cluster of elites-social, financial, industrial, military, intelligence-that enabled the Bush dynasty and propelled George W. Bush to the top.

Clicking on the book links to the Powell's Books online store.

Rules for Radicals
by Saul D Alinsky

"What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."

In 1971, Saul Alinsky wrote an entertaining classic on grassroots organizing titled Rules for Radicals. For Alinsky, organizing is the process of highlighting what is wrong and convincing people they can actually do something about it.

Clicking on the book links to the author's website.

The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot
by Naomi Wolf

In a stunning indictment of the Bush administration and Congress, best-selling author Naomi Wolf lays out her case for saving American democracy. In authoritative research and documentation Wolf explains how events of the last six years parallel steps taken in the early years of the 20th century’s worst dictatorships such as Germany, Russia, China, and Chile.

Clicking on the book links to the publisher's website.

As Basil Fawlty keenly observed:    but ... this is no joke.

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine advances a truly unnerving argument: historically, while people were reeling from natural disasters, wars and economic upheavals, savvy politicians and industry leaders nefariously implemented policies that would never have passed during less muddled times. As Klein demonstrates, this reprehensible game of bait-and-switch isn't just some relic from the bad old days. It's alive and well in contemporary society, and coming soon to a disaster area near you. --Kim Hughes

Clicking on the book links to the author's website.


If you like Sean, Rush, Bill-O, Savage, and dutifully watch Fox ... You'll hate listening to Mike. I listen every day.


"Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections" As the 2008 presidential elections draw near and disillusioned voters are still reeling from the election fraud scandals of 2004 and 2006, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker David Earnhardt takes a logical and factual look at just how easy it is to alter election results and undermine the integrity of the entire democratic process. By speaking with a series of renowned computer programmers, journalists, statisticians, and even seasoned election officials, chilling proof that the people may not be guiding the direction of our country after all. Click here to go to the "Uncounted" website.

"Iraq For Sale" An eye-opening exposé of the war profiteering companies raking in billions of dollars from the war, click here to go to the "Iraq For Sale" website.

"War Made Easy" exposes a 50-year pattern of government deception and media spin that has dragged the United States into one war after another from Vietnam to Iraq. Click here to go to the "War Made Easy" website.

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