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An estimated 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed violently since the US invasion.

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Cost of the War in Iraq
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Support our troops - Get them out of there - Bring them home.

Click here for The Center For Public Integrity database of the 935 Lies of the Bush administration officials that led us into War.

From The Mike Malloy Program 01/24/08.   

Investigate - Impeach - Indict - Imprison.

"In my lifetime we've gone from Eisenhower to George W. Bush. If this is evolution, I believe within twelve years we'll be voting for plants."
- Lewis Black


On Par With "Why Is There Air?"

43 years ago Bill Cosby released a comedy album called, Why is There Air?

The question comes from the first cut on the album where Cosby talks about the simplistic basic questions little kids ask.

As I slide past "Middle Age" into the stage where I qualify for the "Senior" menu at restaurants but not old enough for the discount at movie theaters, I too still have basic questions about the world that have gone unanswered these many years.

Like … Where do Republicans come from? It's actually a two-parter. The follow-up is: And How Do You Deal With These People?

I've endured eleven administrations, six of them Republican. I don't think of myself as a Democrat but every four years since I was eligible to vote, I voted for the Democratic candidate. The reason has always been the same:

The Republican Candidates have always been the worst possible choice.

To vote for Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush One, Dole, or Bush Two, I'd have to somehow "forget" what these candidates represented, and then vote against my own interests. I'd pretty much be the literal definition of Non compos mentis: Not in control of my mind.

Now I'm not saying that everybody that voted for the Republicans over the last 36 years is certifiable … that would be an incredibly inaccurate generalization. The mean, selfish, greedy, and amoral richest people in America would be out of their mean, selfish, greedy, and amoral minds not to have voted Republican. The top 2% have made out pretty well by voting their interests. But since Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes wouldn't have made it into office by only relying on the tippy-top two percent … how did they convince anybody else to vote for them?

During my lifetime the Republican Party has had a virtual lock on four voting blocs:

Amoral Corporate America
Crazy People
Stupid People
And Crazy People Who Are Stupid

I'm only concerned with the last three groups that I'll combine under one classification: The Crazy Stupid People. After 9/11 the Republican Leadership, with the collaboration of The MainStreamMedia, swelled the Republican base by creating The "Scared Silly" vote which has since been absorbed into the larger Crazy Stupid People voting bloc.

Jesus supposedly said, "The Poor will always be with us." The Crazy Stupid People have always been with us too but it wasn't until 40 years ago that Pat Buchanan and Richard Nixon specifically set out to capture the Crazy Stupid Vote as part of the winning strategy to take the White House. Republicans have been using the "Southern Strategy" ever since.


In American politics, the Southern strategy refers to a Republican method of carrying Southern states in the latter decades of the 20th century and first decade of the 21st century by exploiting racism among white voters.

What sort of benchmarks can we use to determine How Many Crazy Stupid People Are There? Luckily this problem has already been answered by The Gallup Organization which has been keeping track of Crazy Stupid People for years.

Gallup asked Americans this three-part question about the origin of humans seven times over the last 26 years:

Which comes closest to your views?

1. Humans developed over millions of years, God guided.
2. Humans developed over millions of years, God had no part.
3. God created humans, as is, within the last 10,000 years.

The results of this poll changed very little over the years. Between 43% and 47% of Americans have stated during this 26-year time period that God created human beings in their present form within the last 10,000 years.

Now regardless of one's position in life, whether a dean at a University or a hamburger flipper at a fast food joint, if you believe God created man six days after he created everything else 10,000 years ago … you're either dumber than a 4.5 billion year old rock or nuttier n' a fruitcake.

And guess what? Not only do almost half of all Americans believe this nonsense … 60% of those Americans are Republicans.

In 1964 Barry Goldwater was the Republican candidate running against Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater said, "I could have ended the war in a month. I could have made North Vietnam look like a mud puddle."

The United States set up a puppet government and then invaded and waged an illegal war against the Vietnamese slaughtering millions of people. But this "leader" of the Modern Conservative Movement, by his own words, would have killed millions more. And today he is viewed as a "Moderate" Republican … by other Republicans. I always thought of him as a really really scary dude but not so much over the last ten years because he's dead.

Goldwater lost in a landslide in 1964 because there just weren't enough Crazy Stupid People. But over the last 44 years The Fairness Doctrine was axed, Limbaugh and his clones are on the radio, and FOX News spreads lies 24/7. The Crazy Stupid People numbers have grown until now they are A Force To Be Reckoned With.

This explains why Barack Obama has been recently soliciting the Crazy Stupid People Vote. Though millions of liberal/progressive Americans carried him over the finish line during the primaries, "Conventional Political Wisdom," whatever the hell that is, dictates he needs a certain percentage of Crazy Stupid People votes to put him over the top in November. So … Obama has gone a courtin'.

By the way … it's not only FOX that cranks out the disinformation. The MainStreamMedia guarantees a growing supply of Stupid People by steadfastly not reporting the news we need in order to be informed voters. And to make matters worse … every four years they focus on the Craziest Dumbest Americans they can find. A Voting Bloc they say could determine the fate of the electionThe Undecided Voters.

Incidentally … I think I've solved the second part of the basic question: How Do You Deal With These People?

I shun them.

I don't talk to Crazy Stupid People. They don't use … logic. I don't know how to talk to someone who has an irrational idea firmly cemented in their head.

I guess the real question is: How do you inform people against their will?

I'm not saying it's impossible … I've just never seen it done.

In 1964 one of the worst movies ever made was released called The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies. An apt description if there ever was one of the base of The Republican Party.

It is absolutely vital we overcome the Crazy Stupid People Zombie Vote this November to avoid living the tagline of another Zombie opus: George Romero's Dawn of the Dead

When there is no more room in Hell … The Dead Will Walk The Earth.

I just can't hang with those guys.



-- Looking For News? --

My Favorite(?) Excerpt

The discrepancy between the kind of society many Germans thought they were building and the reality of the horror of the Third Reich presents one of the most intriguing questions of our age. How could Fascism -- have happened in a modern, industrialized, educated nation?

Click here for the excerpt from They Thought They Were Free, The Germans, 1938-45 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1955) by Milton Mayer

Books I Give To People I Know and Maybe They'll Still Talk To Me
But Probably Won't

Deep Green Resistance - Strategy to Save the Planet
Aric McBay, Lierre Keith, and Derrick Jensen

For years, Derrick Jensen has asked his audiences, “Do you think this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of life?” No one ever says yes.

Deep Green Resistance starts where the environmental movement leaves off: industrial civilization is incompatible with life. Technology can’t fix it, and shopping—no matter how green—won’t stop it. To save this planet, we need a serious resistance movement that can bring down the industrial economy. Deep Green Resistance evaluates strategic options for resistance, from nonviolence to guerrilla warfare, and the conditions required for those options to be successful.

Clicking on the book links to Deep Green Resistance website.

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
by Vincent Bugliosi

"I hope that at some time in the near future a courageous U.S. attorney general, U.S. attorney, state attorney general, or district attorney in America who is committed to the rule of law and who has dedicated his career to enforcing the law fairly against all who, big or small, violate it, will hear the cries for justice from the graves of the thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children who had their lives violently cut short because of the lies of a man who smiled through it all. And that, with a sense of uncompromising righteousness, he will take the ample case I have laid out in this book before an American jury to let them decide whether George W Bush is guilty or not guilty of murder, and if so, what his punishment should be.

Even if this doesn't happen and what I have said in this book receives all the attention of a new fly in the forest, I do know that someone had to say what is written on the pages of this book."

From The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder by Vincent Bugliosi, page 168.

Clicking on the book links to the book's website.

Rules for Radicals
by Saul D Alinsky

"What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."

In 1971, Saul Alinsky wrote an entertaining classic on grassroots organizing titled Rules for Radicals. For Alinsky, organizing is the process of highlighting what is wrong and convincing people they can actually do something about it.

Clicking on the book links to the Powell's Books online store.

The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot
by Naomi Wolf

In a stunning indictment of the Bush administration and Congress, best-selling author Naomi Wolf lays out her case for saving American democracy. In authoritative research and documentation Wolf explains how events of the last six years parallel steps taken in the early years of the 20th century’s worst dictatorships such as Germany, Russia, China, and Chile.

Clicking on the book links to the publisher's website.

As Basil Fawlty keenly observed:    but ... this is no joke.

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine advances a truly unnerving argument: historically, while people were reeling from natural disasters, wars and economic upheavals, savvy politicians and industry leaders nefariously implemented policies that would never have passed during less muddled times. As Klein demonstrates, this reprehensible game of bait-and-switch isn't just some relic from the bad old days. It's alive and well in contemporary society, and coming soon to a disaster area near you. --Kim Hughes

Clicking on the book links to the author's website.


If you like Sean, Rush, Bill-O, Savage, and dutifully watch Fox ...

You'll hate listening to novaM. I have it on all the time.

If you've got $100 ... join The Founders Club.


"Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections" As the 2008 presidential elections draw near and disillusioned voters are still reeling from the election fraud scandals of 2004 and 2006, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker David Earnhardt takes a logical and factual look at just how easy it is to alter election results and undermine the integrity of the entire democratic process. By speaking with a series of renowned computer programmers, journalists, statisticians, and even seasoned election officials, chilling proof that the people may not be guiding the direction of our country after all. Click here to go to the "Uncounted" website.

"Iraq For Sale" An eye-opening exposé of the war profiteering companies raking in billions of dollars from the war, click here to go to the "Iraq For Sale" website.

"War Made Easy" exposes a 50-year pattern of government deception and media spin that has dragged the United States into one war after another from Vietnam to Iraq. Click here to go to the "War Made Easy" website.

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