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Hi Smokers ... and everybody else who wants to help friends or family members,

These pages will be added to from time to time as I learn more about E-Cigarettes. I've been "vaping" since March 6, 2010. Not exactly a know-it-all. But this is what I do know ... I wasn't able to quit smoking until I switched over to E-Cigs. Another thing I've realized is that "vaping" is far more enjoyable than smoking. More Flavor ... Less Death.

Click "Things You Can Do" up on the menubar for information about what you can do to help keep e-cigarettes on the market.

If you want to try to quit smoking with the same e-cigarette starter kit I used, click here. This is also a great starter kit.

I've also purchased E-Cig supllies here and here.

If you want to actually act like a rational person and read more about E-Cigs before making a decision ... click on the "Resources" tab up on the menubar.



E-Cig Videos

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