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When & Where Did All This Start?

My wife (The Accountant Lady) and I started a little (400 square feet) coffee shop on Front Street in Lahaina on Maui in 1992. The rent was $6,250.02 a month. A bit steep. We had to sell a lot, I mean a lot of coffee in order to make the rent and have a little left over for bits of food . We were using imported Italian espresso beans. They were the best beans we could find until one day ...

We were on the other side of the island and walked into Maui Coffee Roasters. The best coffee in the world lived there. We started using their Kona Coffee and Espresso in our shop. But then ... disaster struck.

Our money-mad-greed-crazed-weasel of a landlord raised our rent to 8 thousand frog skins a month.

Eight thousand dollars.

A month.

We were doomed.

No more nice little coffee shop. No more nice little jobs and no more nice little income. (Boo-Hoo-hoo. Bring in the sad violins.)

In 1995 the Internet arrived. Actually it was already there. We just stumbled over it. (Remember Netscape 1.1?)

On a whim ... (Whim? Who talks like that?) We decided to see if anybody "out there" was psycho about good coffee. I built a website aided by an assortment of books that had all the word "Dummies" prominently in the title. We sold a lot of coffee for over 15 years and then the economy tanked in 2008. We ran on fumes for a couple of years and closed up shop on New Year's Eve 2010.

Now I spend my time yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

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